Keeping Up With The Trees In Suburb

Making a tree house in the backyard is a fun activity for children of all ages. Not only that, having few trees in your surrounding is a cool idea provided they are a beautiful sight to the sore eyes of the city and there is no one who wouldn’t like to sip a bubbly soda under the shades on a lazy sunny Sunday morning.

Choose your weapon

There are few things for you to consider before planting a tree, as they take few years to grow there is the option to start from the beginning planting a seed, planting a sapling or plant a whole grown tree using ball root method. Then it comes to the types of trees to plant, either they can be a fruit tree or a timber tree or something that will provide a thick hide for shade. Anyhow your choice should be something which is suitable to survive in your area to help ease the caring process and pollination. Some trees run roots through anything even damaging structures so do your research right, otherwise it might be harmful to your house in the long run. In such cases if you cut down the tree at some point, stump removal Perth will become a difficult task.


Just like your hair, Trees should be kept well groomed if you want them to look the part. Many families maintain their gardens with a green thumb but give up on the idea of grooming the tall green friends, this might lead to falling leaves/ sticks making the yard look messy. Unnecessary and dead branches should be trimmed and pruned to ensure the growth of trees, but make sure there’s enough branches left for the tree to survive. You can ask your local arborist for help if you want. They can provide you with the knowledge and help to maintain not only a beautiful garden, also to make sure the trees are in good strong health with no dead roots/ branches. This will ensure for your safety that they won’t fall off damaging property or power lines.

What can you gain?

Trees will not only provide you with shade, a well chosen tree might save your house in natural disasters. Reason being that they strengthen the landscape reducing the risk of landslips also in high winds; a well chosen tree can act as a filter for flying debris. Also they will home to birds leading to a reduction of harmful insects and pests in your garden. Plus who could say no to bird chirps in the morning?