Disadvantages Of Using An Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicles are becoming more and more popular, but they aren’t quite ready for a global takeover just yet. There are several benefits to using an electric vehicle over a gasoline vehicle, but since it is not fully developed yet, there are still a few disadvantages to using them as well. This article covers three different disadvantages for using electric vehicles.

Need for a recharge point

Just like a gasoline vehicle will need to go to a fuel station for refueling, an electric vehicle will need a recharge point as well. So, if you own an electric vehicle such as Tesla, you will need to take the vehicle to a place that has a electrical vehicle charger. Since these aren’t fully implemented in most parts of the country or the world just yet, you will not always have a place recharge the vehicle in case it runs out of battery. This could be a major issue as you will be limited to the places you can drive the vehicle and will not be able to make long distance journeys with it.

Too Quiet

Electric Cars operate a lot quieter than gasoline powered vehicles. Though this is an advantage in terms of minimizing noise pollution, them being extremely quiet could be a problem. The main problem that arises is that people will not be able to tell if a vehicle is approaching them from behind, unlike in a gas-powered vehicle. This in turn could lead to accidents, not just due to the recklessness of other drives, but simply because they may be unaware of the presence of your vehicle until it is too late. This is especially risky if you are driving the car in congested roads during the day time. Visit?https://www.autogreen.com.hk/ev-charging-solution?for further information regarding?ev charger installation.

Battery will need replacing

Though electric vehicles will need fewer maintenance throughout the year, their battery will need to be replaced every 3 to 10 years. These batteries aren’t as cheap as the ordinary car batteries and you will need to purchase one that is suitable for your vehicle model. For instance, a Tesla vehicle will need a battery that supports tesla charging. Apart from just the expense, these batteries aren’t readily available, so you will need to get it from your car manufacturer, if you want to replace them.

These are just a few of the disadvantages of driving an Electric Vehicle. However, they are being improved constantly to overcome these disadvantages so some of them will not be much of an issue in the future. They still do have a major advantage over gas powered vehicles in terms of being a lot more ecofriendly.